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Found Pet Tips

Tips for getting a pet safely back to his/her family…

  1. Have the pet scanned for a microchip.
    • A scan can be done at any vet office (including 24 clinics) , shelter or Petsmart FREE of charge and no appointment is needed.
    • If it is a weekend or after hours, an ER Vet can help.
  2. Notify your local Animal Control/Humane Society to report the found pet within ASAP!  See the shelter list.
  3. Notify local veterinarians.
  4. Do not show a pet’s collar, harness, bandana or other special distinguishing features, such as being spayed/neutered or having mark in a special shape, so that an owner can be asked to identify them.
    • We cover collars and/or harnesses in all of our postings.
    • An owner should also be asked to provide pictures, adoption records, and/or vet records.  *This is important for the pet’s safety!
  5. Post lots of signs in the area or intersection where the pet was found, especially entrances/exits of your neighborhood. Neon signs really stand out! Not all people use social media so signs are important!
  6. Share his/her alert and ask others to share.
    • Share on your Facebook page.
    • Share on your neighborhood or town FB page or email list.
    • Share on
  7. BEWARE of SCAMMERS!  There are dishonest people who peruse our site for dishonorable reasons.  Please DO NOT get involved with those who may dishonestly try to claim a pet as their own or offer to foster/buy the pet. These contacts are illegal. If you suspect this, please contact us with the information communicated and the phone number used.  Local PD authorities will be involved.
  8. If there is ever a question about returning a pet to its owner, get Indianapolis Animal Care Services or your local Animal Control involved. Tell the potential owner that they can meet you at a shelter to claim their dog. (If you have any questions as to how to do this, let us know!)
  9. Be aware of any local ordinances regarding the “rehoming of pets” – Marion County – Section 531-208 as us March 2, 2017– Lost and Stray Domestic Animals – states that:

“With the exception of the Humane Society of Indianapolis or other humane and/or breed rescue organizations recognized by the animal care services division, the finder will be considered the found animal’s owner for purposes of this chapter fourteen (14) continuous days after the found report was files with the animal care services division or its designee.”

  • Hamilton County thirty (30) continuous days
  • Madison County seven (7) days
  • Boone County seven (7) days
  • Hendricks County seven (7) days.

In simple terms, for Marion County, this means, “You cannot rehome the pet (unless the potential family understands that the owners have 14 days to claim it and that they must ACTIVELY try to find its family during that time).”

Partial list of county animal control, shelters, and stray hold information