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Emergency funding options for pets

Possible financial and informational resources for pet owners in need of advice or assistance.  This list of subject to change without notice.  Please understand that we are in no way in partnership with any of these organizations.  It is advisable to apply to several different agencies. Thank you!

AKITA CLUB OF AMERICA RESCUE FUND ACA Rescue Fund was created for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to individuals and/or groups relating to “Emergency” expenses for purebred Akitas who are abandoned, rescued, or waiting at a municipal shelter and for whom no other funding is available or other funding may be insufficient.

ALLEY CAT ALLIES –   – Resources for feline care-takers.  This includes anyone maintaining a feral cat colony.

AMERICAN ANIMAL HOSPITAL  – “Through the AAHA Helping Pets Fund, veterinary care is possible for sick or injured pets even if they have been abandoned or if their owner is experiencing financial hardship.”

AMERICAN PIT BULL FOUNDATION APBF Helping Hands Fund was created to provide assistance to responsible Bully breed owners who are facing financial difficulties and need medical assistance for their dogs.

ANIMAL EMERGENCY CARE FUND  – Phone (520)461-4305 A 501(c)3 nonprofit.  Funds available in limited quantities for owners that have been declined for a Care Credit Card.  Staffed by volunteers so not always available for a rapid response.

AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG RESCUE, INC;  The purpose of this corporation is to provide education and charitable assistance to the general public on the proper care, maintenance, fostering and adoption of pure bred Australian Cattle Dogs.  Australian Cattle Dog Rescue, Inc. rescues pure bred Australian Cattle Dogs in the United States and Canada from imminent death at animal shelters, humane societies and pounds, and from owners who can no longer keep their dogs, and place the dog into a new and permanent adoptive home.  Our main goal is to rescue and rehome as many purebred ACDs as we can.  Please see our Facebook page for updates on our latest activities.

BOSTON TERRIER RESCUE NET  Boston Terriers needing homes and wanting help.

BOXER RESCUE FOUNDATION  The Boxer Rescue Foundation (BRF) is a not-for-profit corporation created exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to provide financial assistance for rescued dogs of the Boxer breed while in foster care. The BRF exists to be different from other sources of rescue funding in that routine, yet costly, rescue expenses such as medications, minor surgeries, and rescue supplies are eligible for funding.

BROWN DOG FOUNDATION –;    “Bridging the gap between the cost of medical care and saving the family pet.”

CARECREDIT – Phone: 1-800-677-0718 – A credit card company for health care, including veterinary care. “Care Credit, the leader in patient/client financing, has helped more than 3 million patients/clients get the treatment or procedures they needed and wanted. With a comprehensive range of plan options, for treatment or procedure fees from $1 to over $25,000, we offer a plan and a low monthly payment to fit comfortably into almost every budget.”

THE CHOW CHOW CLUB’S WELFARE FUND CCCI Welfare Fund provides financial assistance to rescue volunteers to help offset the costs of basic medical services needed to make homeless purebred Chow Chows healthy and ready for placement.  These services include spaying or neutering, vaccinations, heartworm testing, heartworm treatment and entropion correction.

CLANCY’S DREAM (BORDER COLLIES)          Clancy’s Dream is dedicated to helping local families who are unable to afford medical help to care for a sick or injured Border Collie. Financial aid from our foundation must be viewed as a stopgap measure. Clancy’s Dream does not simply “pay bills”; instead, we work with the family to find the best and most affordable way to keep their pet.

CORGI AID For extraordinary medical expenses of a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, or Corgi mix.  (Photo must be provided for verification.)  All other funding avenues must have been applied for and denied.  For individuals fostering a rescue dog with intent to rehome to a suitable permanent home or an individual rescuing a dog that was injured or seriously ill with a reasonable chance of recovery.  Not for established pets or routine care.

EXTEND CREDIT   – Credit with payment plans for pet owners for needed emergency treatment for pets.

FELINE – provides emergency financial assistance to cat and kitten guardians

FELINE VETERINARY EMERGENY ASSISTANCE (FVEAP) – A 501(c)3 nonprofit. The Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that provides emergency financial assistance to cat and kitten guardians who are unable to afford veterinary services to save their companion with Vaccine Associated Sarcoma (VAS), also referred to as Injection Site Sarcoma (ISS)

FRIENDS AND VETS HELPING PETS  – (859) 309-2043 – Helping those who are under 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and who can demonstrate that their pets are facing euthanasia or death if they are unable to pay the medical costs associated with their treatment.

THE GIFT OF SUNSHINE (THE GANDALF FUND) – Financial assistance for working and retired assistance dogs in the event of catastrophic illness or accidental injury.  Lifetime maximum of $2500.00.

GOD’S CREATURES MINISTRY  – Limited to $50.00 when available to pet owners needing help with veterinary bills.

GOLDSTOCK FUND   Golden Retrievers     provides funds to rescue organizations or individuals to pay for transportation, boarding, evaluations and medical costs of golden retrievers and golden hearted dogs taken into rescue. The Goldstock Fund also provides educational information and materials to rescues and the public.

HOPE MENDING HEARTS  –  Financial assistance grants to pet owners, Good Samaritans, and rescuers to care for animals needing urgent veterinary care.  Easy online application and quick approval.  Receive approval or denial in 1-2 business days.  Pays directly to the veterinarian.  Typical grants are $100.00 – $200.00.

HUMANE SOCIETY –  Suggestions and ways to defer pet care costs or receive help if necessary.;

IAN SOMERHALDER FOUNDATION –  – For rescue organizations and individual rescuers for urgent, non-routine medical care due to abuse and neglect for recently rescued animals.

Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation (KSRF) is dedicated to providing financial assistance for the medical expenses of purebred rescued Keeshonden in foster care. KSRF is NOT a rescue group – it does not take responsibility for fostering or placing rescue Keeshonden. KSRF exists solely to raise and distribute funds to help defray medical costs incurred by individuals or rescue groups to which a foster dog belongs.

LABRADOR LIFELINE  For non-aggressive purebred Labs requiring medical treatment (not pre-disposed Lab diseases or long-term diseases) or other special needs.  For dogs with an individual, family or life-partners who cannot provide the required help; or a dog currently in or soon to be in a rescue situation if help is not found.

LABMED  Financial aid to injured and ill rescued Labs.  FUNDS depleted – not accepting applications at this time.

THE MAGIC BULLET FUND –;  (914)941-0159 Helps families who can’t afford cancer treatment costs for older dogs.

THE MOSBY FOUNDATION –  – Dogs only – Assist in the care of critically sick, injured, abused, or neglected dogs.  (Non-emergency)

THE ONYX AND BREEZY FOUNDATION –  Non-profit assists animals in a variety of ways, including lending financial support for medical treatment for animals where hardship is present.

PAWS 4 A CURE – – Nonprofit – Financial assistance for canine and feline owners who cannot afford veterinary care.  Maximum $500.00 .  The site lists lots of other resources.

PET ASSISTANCE, INC – (860) 355-7387 Eastern Time e-mail: – Assistance with Emergency Veterinary help for independently owned private veterinary hospitals.

THE PET FUND –  –  1-916-443-6007 – A 501(c)3 “The Pet Fund is a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit association that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need urgent veterinary care. Often animals are put down or suffer needlessly because their owners cannot afford expensive surgery or emergency vet visits. Companion animal owners must often make the difficult decision to put an animal down or neglect urgent medical needs because of the costs involved. The purpose of the Pet Fund is to work towards a future where decisions about companion animal medical care need never be made on the basis of cost.”

PIT BULLS AGAINST MISINFORMATION  If you find yourself in need of assistance with veterinary bills and meet the below requirements, please email us for an application to be considered for assistance.  The easiest way to reach us is on our Facebook  fan page at:

PYRAMEDIC TRUST (GREAT PYRENEES) Site still under construction.  Will provide financial assistance for Great Pyrenees owners/rescuers whose dogs are in need of emergency medical care.

RED FLYER –;  Refurbishes and loans wheelchairs at no charge to handicapped pets.

RED ROVER RELIEF –   (916)429-2457 “Red Rover Relief provides financial assistance grants and additional resources so pet owners and rescuers can care for animals who need urgent veterinary care. Visit for eligibility requirements and application. Red Rover also offers financial assistance for victims of domestic violence and their pets. To learn more about this program, visit”

THE RIEDEL AND CODY FUND  – offers support, resources, and assistance with treatment funding for owners of pets with cancer

ROSE’S FUND FOR ANIMALS – (877)505-4234 “When there is a situation where a pet or found animal has a good chance of being well, but the owner or Good Samaritan can’t afford it, Rose’s Fund will to the best of our abilities cover the cost.”

SAVE OUR SIBERIANS SIBERSPACE RESCUE FUND  SOS-SRF will accept applications for assistance for rescued Siberian Huskies (or Siberian Husky mixes, resources permitting). SOS-SRF exists to provide monetary assistance for extraordinary medical expenses for Siberian Huskies in rescue; as stated below, we do not ordinarily provide funds for normal expenses such as spaying/neutering, routine vaccinations or heartworm tests. Your expenses must be properly documented before we will consider your application.

SEMPER FI FUND: TIM AND SANDY DAY CANINE COMPANIONS;  Immediate financial assistance to pets of post 9/11 wounded and injured U S Armed Forces members and their families

SPECIAL NEEDS DOBERMANS  Help for Senior and special needs Doberman Pinschers.  Financial aid to rescues and information and moral support for individual owners.

SHAKESPEARE ANIMAL FUND –   – 501(c) 3 Non-profit – help elderly, disabled and those whose total income does not exceed the current poverty guidelines to obtain emergency pet care. We pay the veterinarian directly, reducing out of pocket costs for low income pet owners who need to save their pet’s life.

TOP DOG FOUNDATION BENTLEY GRANT;  Looking to support those situations where the owner wants to keep their aging dog, but cannot afford procedures or medications necessary to allow for a continued quality of life.

TRIPAWDS FOUNDATION ASAP (AMPUTATION SURGERY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM  – Financial help with veterinary expenses related to amputation for cats and dogs.

VIOLETS FRIENDS IN NEED – – Financial assistance for urgent or critical veterinary care, surgeries, therapies or mobility solutions (non-emergency)

WESTIEMED (WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIERS)   WestieMed’s desire is to help a greater number of Westies. We allow funding for any one individual applicant or rescue