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Lost Cat Tips

Here are some tips to get your cat back faster…

  1. Immediately VISIT your local Animal Control/Humane Societies in an approximately 10 mile range to look and to file a LOST report.  See the shelter list.
    • Take a flyer that has his/her pictures on it.
    • Keep visiting regularly.
  1. Make flyers. Use the posting we have created for your pet to distribute. Not all folks use social media!
    • Knock on doors and give them to neighbors. Ask them to check their property, including inside garages, sheds, and basements etc.
    • Share with local veterinarians.
    • Share with your mail/UPS/FedEx person.
  1. If your cat is microchipped, update your information with the chip company ASAP! You can contact the place that put the chip in for the number/chip company info.  See microchipping info.
  2. Place signs in your yard and several in the area.
    • Entrances and exits of neighborhoods are great places to post.
    • Post at public places with community boards such as grocery stores, pet stores, etc. Use clear contact paper or clear packing tape to help make signs waterproof.
  3. Look under bushes, decks, piles of wood or junk, sheds, in basement window wells, etc.  Indoor kitties generally do not venture far when they get out- ¼ – 1/2 mi at most, usually no more than 6-8 houses away.
  4. Place a cat carrier or box close to the house in a ‘sheltered’ area. Fill with his/her food, and clothing or a blanket with his/her scent and your scent. Note: if there are coyotes in your neighborhood, please do NOT put food out.
  5. Put the litter box outside at the back door or on the porch. This may help your cat find his/her way home.
  1. Share his/her alert and ask others to share.
    • Share on your Facebook page.
    • Share on your neighborhood or town FB page or email list.
    • Share on
  2. Share your lost pet info with your mail/UPS/FedEx person. They usually spend a lot of time in your neighborhood and often know where pets live.  Giving them a color flyer is even better so they know exactly what your dog looks like.

Don’t give up your search. Animals who have been lost for months have been reunited with their owners.

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