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Indy Lost Pet Alert is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that utilizes social media to reunite lost and found pets with their families. We work with the community, shelters and rescues to decrease the number of pets entering our shelters, as well as increase the number of pets returned to their owners from shelters.  It is a free of charge service.  It has been featured on Good Morning America and multiple local news programs.

ILPA was founded in March of 2012 by Danielle Emerson, a former marketing manager for a local Humane Society and animal rescue volunteer and foster.  Danielle’s work with ILPA has changed the way people look for their pets in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

ILPA now has more than 52,000 Facebook Followers and 2,500 Twitter Followers.  More than 19,000 pets have been reunited with their families since 2012.

ILPA is staffed by dedicated Indy Area volunteers who post lost and found pets 365 per year!  Our posting hours are primarily from about 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Our current admins are:  Pam T., Nancy, Colleen, Tammy, Bre, Michelle, Theresa, Sherry, Julie, Tiffany, Katie Jane, Keerthana, Makenzie, Matt, Leanne, and Jane.  To reach an admin, please email us at

We are always looking for additional volunteers.  If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the Volunteer Application and email it to us at

We are currently also looking for Board members.  Please review our board position openings:

Director of communications and digital media – Create and manage informational posts for ILPA website and facebook page, manage twitter and other potential communications avenue, work with contractors or internal sources to continue improvements on website and facebook page, work with shelters and rescues to determine better ways of working together

Director of PR/marketing – Manage the public image of ILPA, setup all advert possibilities such as TV spots, bill boards, etc, review all handout materials for events and sponsorship possibilities

Director of fundraising – Find and present fundraising activities, manage all fundraising activities, actively seek and handle sponsorship opportunities, manage and apply for grants to help with fundraising activities

Member-at-large – Attend board meetings, sit on committees as needed, find other board members/volunteers, find donors, find opportunities for publicity or donations, help determine short term and long term direction of the organization

If you are interested in a board position, please fill out the Board Application and email it to us at