Dog-sight Sighting, Alert #65332 Indianapolis, missing near Townshipline rd and Wheatgrass Way

Location Information:

Townshipline rd and Wheatgrass Way, In Forest Ridge apartments second entrance, Indianapolis, Marion County
Nearest Address of Where Pet was sighted: 7676 Horsetail Dr

Contact Information:

Phone: (703) 362-2580

Pet Sighting Information:

Date Pet Was Seen: 11/28/2023
Pet Type: Dog-sight
Pet Size: Medium (25-50 lbs)
Pet Color: Grey
Approximate Time Pet Was Seen: 01:00 am

Beautiful German Shepard – gray and white, puppy energy, trusting, friendly, moving fast, Seemed to come out of the woods South of us and heading East going from door to door on North side of street.

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