Found Cat, Alert #48671 Greenwood, found near Harris Pl and Brickert Ct

Location Information:

Harris Pl and Brickert Ct, Pleasant Valley, Greenwood, Johnson County

Contact Information:

Phone: (317) 508-6034

Found Pet Information:

Date Pet Was Found: 11/23/2022
Type of Pet: Cat
Size of Pet: Small (5 lbs & under)
Color of Pet: Calico
Approximate Time Pet Was Found: 02:45 pm
Gender: Male

Cat was obviously dumped off in my neighborhood, and I found him meowing and huddled behind my welcome sign on my front porch. I took him to the vet to see if he had a chip, and he does not. Very sweet, Male kitten probably 1 year old. Looks like a flame point Siamese cat. I have an older, female cat and can’t keep the kitten.

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