Cat-sight Sighting, Alert #48505 Indianapolis, missing near 38th and High School Rd

Location Information:

38th and High School Rd, Gateway West, Indianapolis, Marion County
Nearest Address of Where Pet was sighted: 38th and High School Rd

Contact Information:

Phone: (317) 201-1291

Pet Sighting Information:

Date Pet Was Seen: 11/21/2022
Pet Type: Cat-sight
Pet Size: Large (9-11 lbs)
Pet Color: Tabby
Approximate Time Pet Was Seen: 05:00 pm

Large tiger kitty has been in one of my feral shelters ALL DAY! I’ve never seen this cat before, he/she is safe in my backyard but I have no way to contain unfortunately. I was trying to reach in to pet him/her but it was not happy with me 🙁 PROOF OF OWNERSHIP REQUIRED!

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