Found Other Pet, Alert #45016 Indianapolis, IN. / Greenwood, IN, found near Undisclosed at this time.

Location Information:

Undisclosed at this time., , Indianapolis, IN. / Greenwood, IN, Other

Contact Information:

Phone: (317) 364-0621

Found Pet Information:

Date Pet Was Found: 09/07/2022
Type of Pet: Other Pet
Size of Pet:
Color of Pet: Other (leave in description)
Approximate Time Pet Was Found: 09:00 am
Gender: Unknown

Found little Budgie: Tried catching him/her yesterday.. unsuccessfully…as when the sun was almost down something spooked the fella.. and off he/she went way over to another tree. We went to look but lost total visual. Had no clue where the birdie went.. This morning Perry and I went back out to the area after purchasing a net. Thank goodness the little one had come right back to the same area. We were finally able to catch him/her. Seems to be okay. Is eating well. Seems to be in good health. If anyone has lost a Budgie please feel free to contact me…I will be asking for full body photos of the bird that you are missing to see if this one is a possible match. Really would love to find his/her owners.. I will also ask approximately the location and day that your little one escaped and was lost. I did take full photos of this ones back and tail feathers… whole body so comparison can be made to photos sent to me..I am only posting this little one’s head at this time. General location found.. Indianapolis, IN / Greenwood, IN. I will not post specifically the exact location. Proof of ownership required.

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