Dog-sight Sighting, Alert #41339 Indianapolis, missing near E Walnut St & N Leland Ave

Location Information:

E Walnut St & N Leland Ave, Irvington just west of Ellenberger Park, Indianapolis, Marion County
Nearest Address of Where Pet was sighted: 5147

Contact Information:

Phone: (317) 778-9989

Pet Sighting Information:

Date Pet Was Seen: 06/20/2022
Pet Type: Dog-sight
Pet Size: Medium (25-50 lbs)
Pet Color: Golden
Approximate Time Pet Was Seen: 12:50 pm

Medium sized short-haired golden dog with blue eyes. Looks like a mixed breed. It has been coming to lay in the shade by my house on and off for several days now. Every time I try to approach it, it runs away so I haven’t been able to get too close to take photos. It typically runs eastward down the alley that crosses N Leland Ave (between E Walnut St & E North St). But then after a while, it will come back to lay in the shade under my carport.

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