Cat-sight Sighting, Alert #41325 Indianapolis, missing near Vets Cir and Timberland Way

Location Information:

Vets Cir and Timberland Way, Copeland Mills, Decatur township, Indianapolis, Marion County
Nearest Address of Where Pet was sighted: 5911 Vets Cir

Contact Information:

Phone: (317) 223-8740

Pet Sighting Information:

Date Pet Was Seen: 06/19/2022
Pet Type: Cat-sight
Pet Size: Medium (6-8 lbs)
Pet Color: Tabby
Approximate Time Pet Was Seen: 09:00 pm

Tabby in rough shape. Unsure of gender. We gave it wet and dry for as well as water. Very hungry kitty. Very skittish. Would get close but not allow us to touch.

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