Lost Other Pet, Alert #36418 Uzi missing near Moller rd, Indianapolis46224

Location Information:

Moller rd, Speedway Indianapolis Indiana, Indianapolis, Marion County
Nearest Address of Where Pet went missing:

Contact Information:

Phone: (818) 430-9325

Lost Pet Information:

Type of Pet: Other Pet
Pet’s Name: Uzi
Pet Size:
Color of Pet: Other (leave in description)
Date Pet Went Missing: 03/05/2022
Approximate Time Pet Went Missing: 11:40 am
Gender: Female

On one of her fingers nail from her finger is missing. She was born with that. She’s about a 1year old and can whistle a little part of the begging of the song “september earth wind and fire“ she can whistle a lot more lost some dog calls. She was lost around 11:30 am march 5. She sometimes knockes with her beak.I took her outside with ther cage because it was a nice day today, I tried taking out her food bowl when she freaked out and fell to the bottom of her cage than flew out. Pls help my find my pet bird I need her


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