Lost Cat, Alert #34977 Suvorov missing near Warwick Rd and Tracy Rd, New Whiteland46184

Location Information:

Warwick Rd and Tracy Rd, Warwick street, New Whiteland, Johnson County
Nearest Address of Where Pet went missing:

Contact Information:

Phone: (317) 260-6641

Lost Pet Information:

Type of Pet: Cat
Pet’s Name: Suvorov
Pet Size: X-Large (12+ lbs)
Color of Pet: Grey
Date Pet Went Missing: 12/15/2021
Approximate Time Pet Went Missing: 08:00 am
Gender: Male

He is a big and grey with some white spots on his belly and chest. Has battle scars all over his face including nose, above the right eye, ears, and scalp. He has long, saber-tooth tiger like teeth and he’s frontally declawed. He talks and tells a lot, and skiddish of other people.


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