Found Cat, Alert #34955 Southport, found near Southport and Mcdarland

Location Information:

Southport and Mcdarland, , Southport, Marion County

Contact Information:

Phone: (463) 201-2763

Found Pet Information:

Date Pet Was Found: 01/08/2022
Type of Pet: Cat
Size of Pet: Small (5 lbs & under)
Color of Pet: Grey
Approximate Time Pet Was Found: 08:30 pm
Gender: Female

WHERE SHE WAS FOUND: in a neighborhood off of Southport rd and McFarland

My husband found this cat outside a couple days ago. He brought her in because it was absolutely freezing cold. She’s got a lot going on it seems medically her neck is raw from scratching and her ears are red and irritated and dirty. My cat absolutely hates her but she’s a good cat. We’ve had to keep her in a room by herself and my husband and I both work long hours. She also seems to try to use the litter box but when she’s in it she scoots her back up against the wall and when she pee’s it shoots over it. I have no idea what her age is but she seems to have her grow up teeth though one is broken. She’s very sweet. She will literally just lay in your lap as long as you let her.

If anyone is missing a fairly small young sweet long haired cat. She’s not chipped I already felt around her neck really well. I hate having her locked up all the time. I have two small children she does really well with. She’s also oddly not aggressive even towards our cat who is not a fan. This cat is just very sweet and talkative. We have her on skin& coat food to see if that’s her neck issue or it could be stress I have honestly no idea. Shes let me bathe her twice since I’m super allergic to fleas and I treated her for them the first day she was here so she could be having a reaction to the flea meds or soap.

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