Cat-sight Sighting, Alert #30306 Indianapolis, missing near Birchwood Avenue

Location Information:

Birchwood Avenue, Mapleton – Fall Creek, Indianapolis, Marion County
Nearest Address of Where Pet was sighted: Birchwood Ave, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Contact Information:

Phone: (317) 403-1325

Pet Sighting Information:

Date Pet Was Seen: 09/12/2021
Pet Type: Cat-sight
Pet Size: Large (9-11 lbs)
Pet Color: Black
Approximate Time Pet Was Seen:

Wally has been found and is home. I will say that I have had 2 predatory texts of people asking for google confirmation codes telling me that I’m they have found my cat. It’s disgusting. People are preying on people who have last their animals. They are using ILP to get phone numbers.

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