Found Cat, Alert #26263 East side Indianapolis /16th German Church rd, found near German church rd/ Whistler /Moores ct

Location Information:

German church rd/ Whistler /Moores ct, HEATHER HILLS, East side Indianapolis /16th German Church rd, Marion County

Contact Information:

Phone: (317) 332-6531

Found Pet Information:

Date Pet Was Found: 05/15/2021
Type of Pet: Cat
Size of Pet: Large (9-11 lbs)
Color of Pet: Orange
Approximate Time Pet Was Found: 12:00 am
Gender: Male

This 1-2 yo intact male cat has been around my house for the past 5 wks. No chip, extremely friendly, prob an inside cat because he wants to come in the house. May have gotten outside and been lost in the neighborhood. Proof of ownership required.

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