Found Other Pet, Alert #26033 Avon, found near E County Rd 100 S and S County Road 525 E

Location Information:

E County Rd 100 S and S County Road 525 E, Beazer Homes Burberry Park at Preswick, Avon, Hendricks County

Contact Information:

Phone: (317) 755-9984

Found Pet Information:

Date Pet Was Found: 06/04/2021
Type of Pet: Other Pet
Size of Pet:
Color of Pet: White
Approximate Time Pet Was Found: 07:30 pm
Gender: Unknown

Found Parakeet! It was found in Avon, but had a friend tell me they had it in their yard that morning in Plainfield. It is great at flying, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it flew quite a ways from home! It is very sweet – Has definitely been around kids and handled its whole life. I’d say it’s pretty young. We WILL REQUIRE proof of ownership before returning this sweet birdie. 🙂

Mostly white with a medium blue triangle on its back, light blue on its lower stomach, a single black feather on its face (I like to think of it as a freckle). It has a little bit of light blue on its wings.

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