Found Dog, Alert #22748 Bloomington, found near Unknown

Location Information:

Unknown, , Bloomington, Other

Contact Information:

Phone: (574) 993-2235

Found Pet Information:

Date Pet Was Found: 04/07/2021
Type of Pet: Dog
Size of Pet: Small (10-25 lbs)
Color of Pet: Tri-Color
Approximate Time Pet Was Found: 12:00 am
Gender: Female

Last night this sweet dachshund was hit by a car when she was running down the middle of Rockport Road in Bloomington, IN. She is currently in the care of The Pipsqueakery. Her back was fractured in two places, her right hind leg is fractured, and her pelvis is fractured.We either need to find an owner who wants her back even though she is going to be paralyzed for life, need a hind limb amputation, and spay. Or we need her owner to formally surrender her so we can proceed with care. Proof of Ownership will be required/

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