Lost Dog, Alert #4635 Gizmo missing near Royerton area Near Hwy 3 North and 35, MUNCIE Royerton area Near Hwy 3 North and 35

Location Information:

Royerton area Near Hwy 3 North and 35, Royerton area in Muncie IN, MUNCIE Royerton area Near Hwy 3 North and 35, Other
Nearest Address of Where Pet went missing:

Contact Information:

Phone: (765) 977-5065

Lost Pet Information:

Type of Pet: Dog
Pet’s Name: Gizmo
Pet Size: X-Small (10 lbs & under)
Color of Pet: Tan
Date Pet Went Missing: 11/23/2019
Approximate Time Pet Went Missing: 11:00 am
Gender: Male

Gizmo (also answers to Little Dog and Gizzy) is a Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) Tan and Black approx8-12lbs male not neutered PLEASE IF YOU SEE GOZMO USE CAUTION AS HE IS VERY SKITTISH AND MAY BITE!!!! Gizmo was at a friend’s house while I was in the hospital-( Angela the second phone number of contact) and she had him outside on a leash to potty and he slipped out of the collar and ran off- they gave chase but could not find him. We think someone may have found him and because of him being a Yorkie and not neutered may have kept him, but he is too big for most Yorkie breeders to desire him for breeding. He does NOT like cats or other small animals and will give chase. We have a young son and Gizmo loved him but he is possessive over toys even ones that are not really his but he wants to be his and will bite if you try and take them from him. He has always been inside a fence when outside so he is not smart about staying out of roads or others property.


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