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CAT SIGHTING ALERT! YOUNG TORTIE/CALI seen in Greenwood! County Line and Emerson area, Johnson County!

Location Information:
Greenwood – County Line and Emerson area , field in between Costco and last seen running into bushes at Old National Bank , Near Timbers Apartments, field by costco in Greenwood. Was under dumpster at Weekends Only Furniture at one point and last seen running under shrubs at Old National Bank., Johnson County
Contact Information:
(317) 605-3665
Pet Sighting Information:
06/23/2019  8:30 pm
Young Calico cat, not kitten but fairly small. Friendly enough to come up to me and didn’t bite or scratch when picked up, however, very spooked when i tried to put in my car and ended up bolting out when i opened a car door to get it some food.