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Did you know that March is the peak month for kitten births? What to do if you find kittens! From our friends at FACE!

Did you know that March is the peak month for kitten births? It is kitten season in Indianapolis, and it’s not as cute as you think. Don’t get me wrong- I love kittens! But thousands of kittens are at risk of needless euthanasia or being homeless because there simply aren’t enough homes for them all. This week, the dedicated FACE veterinary team is scheduled to perform 172 spay/neuter surgeries on cats alone! We estimate that this will prevent approximately 3,000 kittens from being born this year. Thank you for being an advocate for all animals, and encouraging others to always spay and neuter their pets and stray/feral cats.

Thank you for your support,

Jen Hancock
Executive Director

P.S.: During this time of year, community cats are at high risk of injury and infection. Unspayed female cats attract intact tom cats with a natural instinct to fight one another. When these cats are trapped for spay/neuter, we often provide essential medical care before they are returned. A special thank you to our donors who financially support this program!

What to do if you find kittens

If you find kittens under your deck or in your garage, and don’t see their mother, remember that she is likely out hunting. As you know, a nursing mama needs to eat and she will travel far to secure food.

Observe from a distance for 8-12 hours. If the kittens are content and quiet, it is unlikely that they have been abandoned. Just as with our babies, newborn kittens have an increased chance of survival when kept with a loving caregiver, so do not remove the kittens if mom is taking care of them.

Are you sure they have been abandoned by mom? The kittens may appear dirty, sick, underweight or dehydrated.  Keep them warm. Take the litter to a rescue organization such as Indianapolis Animal Care Services,  Southside Animal Shelter, or Humane Society of Indianapolis as soon as possible. They will be placed in a loving foster home until they can be spayed/neutered and adopted. FACE is not a shelter and is unable to take kittens from the public.

When the kittens are out exploring on their own (4-6 weeks old), this is the best time to take the kittens to a rescue organization for adoption. Do not leave these kittens with a colony. We want to break the cycle.

So many kittens!

Did you know that a kitten can get pregnant at just four months old? About 60 days later, this kitten will be a mom with a litter of her own. It is essential to spay and neuter all cats, even if your cat is an indoor cat. If your male cat escapes for a few hours, he can be responsible for dozens of kittens. Book your cat’s surgery online. We charge $45 for male cats, $55 for female cats, and rely on donations to keep our prices as affordable as possible.

Also, nursing cats can easily get pregnant. When the kittens are approximately three weeks old, you can trap mom and have her spayed. If you know of a nursing community cat that needs spayed, please contact us so we can help.  Email as soon as you find the kittens.