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DOG SIGHTING ALERT! HUSKY/SHEPHERD MIX? seen in Mooresville! Between Sunbury Drive and Maryvale Ct!

Location Information:
Mooresville  – Between Sunbury Drive and Maryvale Ct(I think). We live on Sunbury and he was behind our fence, Neighborhood across from Northwood Elementary area, Morgan County
Contact Information:
(317) 435-5473
Pet Sighting Information:
09/21/2018 10:00 pm
Looks like a husky/shepherd mix. Neutered male. Had a Bargersville Vet rabies tag from this year but numbers were worn off. He was on the back side of our fence so I couldn’t get over it to try and get he kind of growled at our dogs so I couldn’t tell what he would do if he actually got in our fence. I’m hoping he’ll just go back home…