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Moved or Have a New Pet? Have you updated your pet’s microchip information?

If your contact information is outdated or incorrect, the microchip company will not be able to contact you if your pet is scanned so having updated information is crucial.  

Microchips are made by various manufacturers such as Home Again or 24 Hour Pet Watch.  If you do not know your pet’s microchip company, but you know the number – please sure to look it up here –  If you do not have the number for your pet’s microchip, take your pet to any vet, shelter or Petsmart and they will scan it for you and give you the number.  Keep this number in a safe place and possibly as a picture on your phone so in case your pet goes missing you have it handy!

Once you have the number, please contact the company to have the microchip updated.  Some may charge a fee and other’s may not.  If you are not always available to answer your phone, but sure to add a second contact person or possibly a third.   These are a few of the most popular microchip companies.

Home Again –

24 Pet Watch –

Avid –


Still need a microchip for your pet?  Here are some low-cost options around Indy – starting at just $10!