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22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier – Courtesy of HerePup!

Now that the new year is in, a lot of people will undoubtedly be trying to lose weight. Fitness or weight loss is always a prime goal whenever the year starts, but it is very difficult to sustain for the rest of the year. Well, for people who really want to be more active on a daily basis, here’s a good idea: get a dog.

Dogs are known to keep their owners’ on their toes because they themselves are very active. They need to play a lot and move the whole day. Depending on the type of dog you’ll get, you’ll encounter dogs that really need to run every day or take a long stroll around the block or at the park. As an owner you will be forced to get up from the couch whenever your dog asks you to go out and play.

This will contribute to daily exercises and make you look forward to putting on your jogging shoes and running around with your dog day in and day out. Aside from the physical exercise, dogs also do wonders for a person’s health by being a stress reliever and a source of comfort.

While it is true that a dog cannot talk back whenever you try to converse with it, it can pick up emotions and cheer you up or offer consolation whenever you need it most. You can also hug your dog or cuddle him when you get a bad case of the blues. This is so much better than turning to smoking or drinking just to take the edge off.

This infographic lists down 22 ways dogs help keep humans healthy. Feel free to pass along to people you think would benefit from the love and affection of a dog.

22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier