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Indy Lost Pet Alert posts on average about 40 lost/found pets per day as well as managing comments, sightings, deceased notifications, etc.  How do we cut down this lost/found pet situation?  A major solution is to have your pet spayed/neutered.  When a pet is feeling the URGE they roam and this is not a safe situation for the pet or other pets who they might encounter (cars, wildlife, thievery).  Many of the pets we are posting are not FIXED!

We have so many low-cost options in Indy and nearby communities like the FACE Clinic, Indy Humane’s Animal Welfare Clinic, etc. that there are no longer excuses.  If you are on some type of government assistance, there is a $20 program through Spay/Neuter Services of Indiana and you can choose a variety of vets in your area (throughout the entire state of Indiana) so please do the right thing and help us keep pets home, reduce the urge to roam and help solve our pet overpopulation situation (yes, every shelter or rescue is FILLED TO CAPACITY!).

For lost of low-cost options – please visit –