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LOST CAT ALERT! BOOTS is missing in Bargersville!


Location Information:
Bargersville -Kerrington Proper –Kerrington Blvd and West Whiteland Road, Johnson County

Contact Information:
(317) 523-4211

Lost Pet Information:
12/01/2016 12:00 pm
Boots is a male
Boots (who has also been known by the names Theo, Tiger, and Ernie) is an adult (approximately 16 yrs old) male orange tabby. He is very affectionate and approachable and, being strictly an outdoor cat, likely has found a warm place in someone’s garage to ride out the cold weather. However, he is on medication for a respiratory condition (which causes him to sneeze and have a runny left eye) and we’d like to get him back on it as soon as possible! He likes to roam the neighborhoods of Kerrington Proper and Al Mar, so we’re hoping he hasn’t wandered too far away!