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Location Information:
Indianapolis – One block west of Emerson and half block north from New York St. Out by backyard of house on the alley just north of NY.
326 N. Bancroft in rear right off E/W alley. Ran East when leaving.
Bosart Brown neighborhood

Contact Information:
(317) 760-7325

Sighted Pet Information:
11/20/2016 – 08:55 pm
German shepherd mix, perhaps. Brown, black, some tan colors, but more dark than light.
Fan tail, moved like adult dog but had playfulness like youngster. Came right up to my fence with both my dogs barking and it never barked or showed aggression. Maybe 40-50 lbs at shoulders maybe 1 1/2- 2 ft tall minimum. Told it to go home twice and it left. Not sure if male or female. Think it had collar on but unsure of color. Never seen dog around here before.