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Is Your Pet Microchipped?

Please get your pet chipped as soon as possible – even if your pet doesn’t leave your lawn or is an “indoor only” pet.   There is always the chance of some event that could lead to your pet escaping such as a natural disaster.  Unfortunately, we also hear many cases of pet theft and by having your pet microchipped, it allows you to prove ownership (as long as all info is updated).  Microchipping takes less than a minute and your pet only feels a slight pinch.

Microchips are not GPS devices. They do not track the location of your pet, but rather maintain a unique ID number that shows up when scanned. The number is then called into a microchip company and they are able to tell them who the chip is registered to. It is VERY important to keep your information up to date.

If you need more information on updating your pet’s microchip, please visit our website at

The cost of a microchip varies between veterinarians. However, there are many low-cost options available in Indy.  

  • Indianapolis Animal Care Services (2600 S. Harding St.) microchips for $10.
  • Humane Society of Indianapolis (7929 N. Michigan Rd.) and  its Animal Welfare Clinic (456 N. Holmes Ave.) microchips for $10 or $20 (depending the chip you chose).
  •  FACE Clinic (1505 Massachusetts Ave.) charges $22.
  • West Michigan Street Vet Clinic charges $20.
  • Noblesville/Brownsburg Low Cost Clinic microchips for $25.